Finding Balance

Balance. What the heck is it and how do we semi-adults find it?

Before reading the bible one night, my cousin screamed “I’m okay with being a garbage human being.” She then proceeded to yell about the fact that balance is too hard to get in life.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Work
  4. Sleep
  5. Extra Curricular Activities

Which three would you pick? It is said that we can only choose three of the listed five in order to maintain a healthy balanced life. We simply cannot do it all. Or have it all.

After seeing and hearing about this multiple times before, something stuck this time. Possibly because I have been more aware of myself trying to find balance, either emotionally, psychically, mentally or spiritually. We all crave balance. We all want to be able to find ourselves at peace with what we have done or said that day.

But why is it so hard to find?

It’s difficult to find passages in the Bible to relate to the issue of work/life balance. There are no parables or direct teachings from Jesus, nor is there a specific verse that pinpoints exactly how we should find balance. The people of the biblical time period often integrated their family and work life. They didn’t have a million and one distractions from their family, friends, work, or sleep. God didn’t teach us to juggle. We shouldn’t have to.

We should be able to prioritize exactly what is important in our lives and make it happen. Who do we care about and what do we want to spend the most time on? How do we choose to better ourselves?

It shouldn’t be as hard as we make it to be? 

Instead of wanting to do a million things, we should be content to do only as much as we NEED. I think finding balance goes in hand with being content with your self and the life you choose to lead. Until you find that, balance will be hard to come by.

Some food for thought.

Be safe and kind this weekend,






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