Prayers for students

I have just started another term with Liberty University Online. As much as I love education and learning, school itself is always stressful for me. I have never been the greatest at managing my time, studying, or really anything that involves being a successful student. But I did find the secret to a less worrisome … More Prayers for students


I come writing this in a insomnia state i.e. my life. It has been a week since posting last, which ironically is about God teaching me something through daily struggles. A lot has happened. 1. I got a job, and very quickly I might add. 2. Said job has been great except for the fact … More Doubt

Chasing it all

I want it all, and I believe that I can have it all. I believe that I can chase God, while also living a meaningful life filled with work, friends, family, adventure, and passion. These past few months have been rough. I have neglected my hobbies, my faith, my physical and mental health, my family … More Chasing it all

Finding Balance

Balance. What the heck is it and how do we semi-adults find it? Before reading the bible one night, my cousin screamed “I’m okay with being a garbage human being.” She then proceeded to yell about the fact that balance is too hard to get in life. Family Friends Work Sleep Extra Curricular Activities Which … More Finding Balance