Unnecessary Divide #prayfororlando


I hate that I woke up to more news about lives being lost. I hate that social media has turned into a platform of hate and accusations rather then coming together to mourn. I hate what we really see after tragedies such as these are people’s political affiliations and not their compassion. 

Instead of finding a political agenda, find your hope for a better tomorrow.  Instead of blaming whichever group your against,  find a way to express concern and empathy for the lives lost this weekend.

The ONLY way we can find change and make it happen is if we stop with the sides and and find a middle to bring upon the change. Both sides, left and right,  we can find a middle ground. Everyone is sick and tired of waking up to news like Orlando, a senseless act of violence.  So how can we reach out to others, to people we might disagree with, to fight for a better and safer tomorrow?

Lots of prayers and thoughts with the city of Orlando, the people who lost their lives, and the famikies and friends of the victims. 



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