Prayers for students

I have just started another term with Liberty University Online. As much as I love education and learning, school itself is always stressful for me. I have never been the greatest at managing my time, studying, or really anything that involves being a successful student. But I did find the secret to a less worrisome semester.

You can lean on God for everything, even your school work. There is nothing too big or too small for him to handle, and that includes praying over your coursework.

“The Lord our God be with us, as he was with out fathers. May he not leave us or forsake us.” – 1 Kings 8:57 (ESV)

I used to worry about school, specifically because I was always comparing myself and my intelligence with my peers. This is unfair of yourself to allow this type of ‘competition’ in school. Everyone learns differently, studies differently, and tackles school differently.

Yes, some people will be smarter than you or have a better GPA. I have learned this over an enormous amount of time punishing myself for my lack of intelligence that I thought I never had.

So to any new or seasoned students getting back into a new semester, these are my prayers for you:

  1. That you are able to manage your course load with less stress and more gratitude
  2. That you be concerned and prepared for your future, but learn not to worry about it
  3. That you don’t sacrifice your mental or psychical health for your GPA
  4. That you allow yourself time with your passions and hobbies


School can be such a bummer sometimes, but there is nothing more rewarding than growing our minds with new and exciting information.

Keep strong this semester and stay close to God.




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