Making goals that mean something

Upon sitting down to write this, I knew what I wanted to say without the words to properly say it.  I went to church this weekend with a surprise to find that the sermon was based on resolutions. I knew that I would walk out of that service with the right words to write this post.

New Years resolutions have become an involuntary habit for most of us. January first is made a big deal so that we can make a list of things that we dislike about our selves that need changing or things that we want to accomplish that we most likely will forget about or never get to. By the end of the year our list is  full of the unaccomplished that were abandoned the first week of the new year.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself. In fact, it is welcomed! The difference I believe in being successful when writing personal goals is to make them have meaning to your life at the moment.

At this weeks church service, I learned to keep in mind a basic principal to setting goals for oneself: You should always define WHO you want to be before ever deciding WHAT you want to do.

This is a game changer.When we make goals for ourselves that have no real weight on our lives, they will be broken. Always! There is nothing to motivate you and there is nothing to keep you accountable. Plain and simple.

So here is how to make some goals this new year that you can keep and count on:

  1. Write a personal mission statement for yourself
  2. Write down your personal values
  3. Write down your yearly goals

Most people just want to write down 10 things that they wish to accomplish and move on. Stopping to think about your sole purpose, although deep, can help you get to the core of yourself. Our goals should be a compass for the type of person we want to become. They should be more than a tradition that is carried out every new year.

Let’s make 2016 a great one. Be the person you inspire to be and be bold for Jesus.


Watch the CCV Resolutions sermon here:




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