While I am 22: A Bucket List

I turned 22 at the end of August this year. Although there hasn’t really been a change from them to now, I miraculously feel more put together. I credit this change to God and being in the Word every morning. I can’t change on my own and I need His strength and guidance.

I decided to put together a small Bucket List of things that I want to accomplish while I am 22 and ways in which I want to grow.

Without further ado:

1. Go on a mission trip
2. Travel to at least 2 new places
3. Stay focused and motivated in school
4. Film a short movie
5. Volunteer more often
6. Become the friend that I would like to have myself
7. Become more understanding
8. Improve my blog and photography
9. Start my day off in the Word
10. Meditate in prayer every morning and night
11. Fill an entire journal

This is a relatively small list, but these are things that I have already been working on and that seem doable by the time I become 23. I find that setting goals to reach your own personal growth and writing them down is helpful.

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Thank you for Reading and God Bless!


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