Gratitude Changes Everything

Hello again old friend!

I hate the moments when I get too busy to blog. But you got to work to, ya know, live!

I have recently discovered journaling again and I am smitten. I want to do something more meaningful in my journal other than complaining about whatever mundane thing happened that day.  I wanted something that would motivate, inspire and over-all better myself. A friend of mine found this journal prompt on Pinterest after we had both discussed how much we wanted to get back into journaling. And find one she did! Courtesy of the blog Local Adventure by Ester and Jacob, we have the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge. You MUST check out their blog, it it absolutely amazing!


Gratitude changes everything. That is reason enough to begin this challenge with an open heart. Because I want to be grateful when the sun rises and sets, when I am going through rough times and when I am going through good times.

Gratitude can display our love for God in the most wonderful way. 

I am excited to start this challenge and to see what changes God brings into my life. So here is how you can participate if you’d like to.

  1. Keep a journal, and write once a week about the corresponding topic. You can hand-write it, blog it, Facebook it; whatever you fell the most comfortable doing. You can make it as private or as pubic as you want.
  2. Post a photo on Instagram every week that follows along with your journal entry. For example, week 6 is ‘The city you live in’. Post a picture of this and get creative. Explain your picture and what it means to you and how it makes your grateful.  You can use the #52weeksofgratitude and also tag me on Instagram at @kendralynn_h . I would love to see everyone’s pictures.

I am still currently journaling and keeping up with this challenge on my Instagram. I have decided not to continue blogging it each week. If anyone is interested in this challenge, visit my Instagram: kendralynn_h

Thank you for reading and God Bless!



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