1Mission: Let’s make a difference


Like many people, we have a dream to make a difference in this world. To help others, help out communities, our country. Jason Law, who is the CEO and Founder of 1Mission made that happen.

1Mission helps to establish a family through a basic need of life; a home. They strive to build homes globally for families through volunteer, community, service, and people willing to raise money for this cause. The leaders of 1Mission are followers of Christ and they model their services and company after Jesus, hopeing to inspire and help others regardless of who they are and what they believe in.

This is my first birthday campaign with 1Mission and for the short time that I have known that about this organization, I am completely smitten. This is such an honest and loving way to help others and to get people motivated and inspired to use their own time and efforts for the good of others.  I believe that you should never feel obligated to donate or volunteer if your heart is not truly in it. But with 1Mission, I feel all in and all inspired by their work. I can see and feel Jesus in what they do and I am so happy to launch my first birthday campaign through 1Mssion.

It is almost a month away from my 22nd birthday and I have a small goal, but a goal nonetheless. We are raising money for the Garcia Lainez family from Nicaragua. As of right now, there are 44 donors for this family and over five thousand dollars have been raised. Wither I raise a dollar or a hundred, I am honored to be one these donors and to see the love and work of Christ in these peoples hearts to help this family.

Here is the link to My Personal Birthday Campaign. If you feel your heart is in it to donate for this family, please visit the website or whomever else that you would rather donate to. Please to not feel pressured to do so! Live and love to inspire and lead others through Christ and live boldly for Him.

Visit 1Mission.org to take a look at this wonderful organization and see what they are honestly about. It is truly a blessing! I am no way affiliated with 1Mission, this post is my opinion and experience thus far. You can view more details about the Garcia Lainez family HERE.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless



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